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5 minute autumn soup

November 3, 2010
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Quick Apple & Sweet Potato Soup

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Necessity is the mother of invention, right?

Take our new litterbox purchase, for example. With 3 cats, we’re always looking for a better way to approach litter issues. So we bought a new fancy system with fancy pebbly “litter” and an absorbent pad that goes in a tray underneath the box. Whatever, it looked promising.

Cat #1 steps in the box immediately and proceeds to pee over the edge. Ah, yes. This box is not as tall as the old box. I see.

Cat #2 tries to eat the new litter.

Cat #3 doesn’t even look at it.

My husband used a plastic paint try and some duct tape to make a higher wall on the front of the box and…yes! Success for Cat #1! The others we’re still not sure about.

Anyway, it’s this kind of creative thinking that can come in handy in the kitchen. Ok, forget all talk of cat pee, I realize it’s not a very appetizing combination of stories.

What I really want to talk about is the extra special, extra fast soup I made the other night. I literally pulled it together in under 5 minutes because, well, I only had 5 minutes. And it totally worked out.

Quick Apple & Sweet Potato Soup
1 can sweet potato puree
1 box vegetable stock
2 apples, chopped
1 cup greens (either cooked or raw), chopped tiny

In a pot, heat sweet potato and vegetable stock, stirring to combine. Add greens. Ladle into bowls and garnish with apple chunks. (Now that I think about it, if you had some toasted pumpkin seeds hanging around, throw ‘em in there.)

See, this is my kind of cooking. Not the labor-intensive, fancy ingredient, super specialized recipes that are out there. I mean, sometimes. But mostly it’s about simple ingredients and simple techniques. I literally just finished a 48 page holiday recipe eBook that’s coming out shortly – and the recipes are just awesome. I’m so excited to share! Because cooking’s got to be easy. It’s got to be accessible. Otherwise…you’ll spend those 5 minutes going for takeout. My goal is to get you cooking and eating at home, where you are in control of the ingredients and can foster a sense of nourishment in your life.

So, go eat some soup!

  • Sophie

    As a cat owner I sympathise completely. There’s no explaining to them is there?

    That’s a great soup idea. Much as I like to slave over a more complicated recipe, most of the time life just necessitates easy.

  • theUngourmet

    This looks like such a fun and nutritious soup. Love the apple in here!

  • jodye @ ‘scend food

    Yum! Sweet potatoes and apples are such a wonderful combination. Throw in some kale and my three favorite fall vegetables/fruits are covered!

  • Eleanor @ Make Friends With Food

    Love your recipes! They’re great for people who want to eat healthy but have no time. Or in my case, sometimes just don’t feel like making a big deal in the kitchen.
    I switched my two kitties to natural cat litter by gradually mixing it with their old brand over time. Cats hate change!

  • Audrey

    Soup sounds amazingly simple and good, I want to try it soon. As for the kitty litter box situation, I got my cats one of the black heavy plastic indestructible smaller utility tubs in the concrete section of Menard’s/Home Depot. The sides are taller, it’s bigger for multiple cats, and cheaper than a fancy litter box.

  • Rose @ The Bite Me Kitchen

    Hahahahaha! Oh I can relate! Our 3 cats are all crazy. Our giant 20lb 1 yr old Maine Coon hardly FITS in the litter box, one of our orange tabbys does pretty well, but invariably gets something extra left on his butt, and the other orange tabby thinks he has to dig to the very bottom of the litter box making it a 10 minute scratching process. Phew. Anyways! That soup looks fantastic – healthy, fast, easy!? Yes please!

  • Cailin @ Stir Crazy

    5 minutes?! Now that’s one soup I can handle making. Quick and healthy. The sweet potato and apple combo is perfect together! I’m definitely going to give this a try.
    Looking forward to the eBook!

  • Stella

    Yum, Michelle! That soup looks so delicious. I love easy cooking too-there’s nothing better (smile).
    Hey, I’ve been meaning to e-mail you. I’ll do that in a bit…

  • Erica

    Soup….perfect dinner right now :) love this fast/easy version- especially because you added the apple in. Bummer about the litter box. I bet that has been an interesting experiment. haha. Happy weekend!

  • redmenace

    An absolutely perfect combination and I love that fact that it’s so quick. I find myself with time to cook, but no energy these days. This is great!

    Sorry to hear about litterbox woes. My kitty won’t use one! He goes potty outdoors, which I LOVE!

  • Esther

    You inspired me to make a quick soup last night for my lunch today! Chicken stock, a roasted delicata squash I had in the freezer, some canned white beans, and raw spinach.

    Hope the kitties are good with the box now — we also just switched our cat to a new box (well, more of a spaceship-like dome). So far so good…

  • Rita

    We are Soup lover and when I can find something original; I feel so happy; thank you.

  • dawn hutchins

    What a great soup!!! I love the super simple ingredients.

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