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bookGiveaway: This will be your favorite book of 2012

This past New Year’s Eve wasn’t quite the drunken, push-your-sorority-sister-home-in-a-shopping-cart type evening I remember from, say, 1999. It was more of an early affair this year, punctuated by baby’s bedtime and a glass of wine for mom. My husband and I sat on the couch and talked about our favorite parts of 2011. I asked […]


How did 9 months shape you?

When your mom was pregnant, was she happy? What was her health like? Was she on medication? Did she eat broccoli? Did you ever think about how her experience in those 9 months created you and your unique characteristics? This weekend I heard an awesome segment on NPR about Annie Murphy Paul’s new book, Origins: […]


I think you should own these

Last weekend I broke through a new cooking frontier. Well, baking to be exact. I’d never really wanted to make pretzels before, but then I got Kim Boyce’s cookbook, Good the Grain, and fell deeply and madly in love with her rye flour soft pretzel recipe. I’m seriously happy I bought this book. Sure, I […]


Green smoothie book giveaway is here after all!

Like I said in my previous post, the publishers of Victoria Boutenko’s Green Smoothie Revolution sent me the book to review awhile ago. I felt like a dummy for waiting so long but honestly, wouldn’t we rather talk about raw food when spring is just around the corner? Well, happily the publishers are still letting […]


What sounds weird, tastes good and feels great?

Smoothies are a pretty hot ticket item these days. I see ’em being sold for $8 at cafes and touted as healthy so everyone can feel good about themselves. Let’s be honest though. Most smoothies being sold at restaurants or take-out places are full of sugar. They’re the “healthy” person’s ice cream cone. Wait – […]