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follow your gutHow to follow your gut

I’m sure you’ve had times like this, when upsets in your world collide and multiply, leaving you feeling like there’s nowhere to go but down. I’m here to tell you that following your gut is your way out. Your way up.


Grateful for his smileHolding gratitude

There are days that I want to believe in an omnipotent god with a white robe and beard because I just want so desperately to THANK someone, anyone.


collardsWhat to feed your toddler

It’s tempting to give toddlers anything and everything to keep them from whining. And I feel my job as a parent is to allow him the power of (limited, guided) choice.


momenoughEveryone’s got an opinion on breastfeeding, huh?

We are moms who pick crumbs off the floor. We forget to wash our hair, battle illogical tantrums, and at the end of the day enjoy a calm moment in our child’s embrace. We give our time, our energy, our patience and our love. We are no different than mothers who have weaned, or who never breastfed at all. We are all doing our best.