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Wheat Free Sunflower Crunches: Detox Recipe 5 of 21

Welcome to 21 Days of Detoxing! Whether you are one of our amazingly motivated participants or just interested in eating clean, whole, real food – boy do I have some recipes for you! From now ’til May 21st I’ll be featuring a delicious detox-friendly recipe each day. (And if you want to join in and […]


Feeling like fighting back

I’m 41 weeks pregnant tomorrow. A natural birth means I will not be induced nor will I have a C-section just because I’m a bit past my due date. This makes me weird in the pregnancy world, where most women by now would be facing medical intervention in the form of surgery or drugs. But […]


Cookin’ with the girls and why American Airlines can suck it

Who do you cook with? I grew up cooking with my mom, although that was more of a “helper” role. Now I sometimes cook with my husband, which is one of my favorite ways for an evening to go. But mostly I cook by myself while listening to NPR, and that’s cool too. Anyway, it […]


Keep going back to school

Oh boy, that’s an old pic from college, and yes I was in a sorority but I was also in the honors program if that helps any. Regardless. You know what I want to do these days? (Hint: nothing to do with greek letters.) I want to learn to preserve and can food. This is […]