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Essentials for your natural bathroom10 Essentials For Your Natural Bathroom

Here are some things you won’t find in my bathroom: Bacteria-obliterating mouthwash, artificially colored/flavored toothpaste, antacids or decongestants. But here’s what you will find.


deodorantHow to make your own deodorant (and why it’s worth trying)

The ingredients in your standard stick are far from healthy. My son got his hands on mine once, and as I attempted to clean the white stuff out of his mouth I remembered that aluminum is one of the ingredients – really, the ingredient label on deodorant or pretty much any self-care product can be a scary, chemically place to be. Oy.


If I were a shoe, I’d be Earthies

When I was studying graphic design, I visited a design studio in Rotterdam who used an extensive questionnaire with its clients. They asked all sorts of questions: If your brand was a car what kind of car would it be? Stuff like that. Well folks, if I were a shoe I’d be Earthies. Hands down. […]