Fun Game!

August 21, 2008

It’s called Find The Sugar and it’s a lot like hide-and-seek except more often than not, you’re going to find it! Sounds fun, right?

So what are you looking for? Obviously, sugar. But also a number of other ingredient names which are actually just sugar…
Barley malt syrup
Beet sugar
Brown sugar
Cane juice syrup
Chicory syrup
Corn sweetener
Corn syrup solids
Evaporated cane juice
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Inulin syrup
Juice concentrate
Maple syrup
Natural sweeteners
Raw sugar
Rice syrup
Turbinado sugar
…to name a few.

So I’m not going to get into why sugar is bad for you, or which sugars are better than others, though those are areas ripe for discussion. My main point is, do you know how much sugar you are consuming in your coffee, your cereal, your Hot Pockets, Lean Pockets, Powerbars, etc.?

Where have you found sugar hiding undercover?