Just a suggestion: reversible pants

November 23, 2008

Yoga and consumerism should be inherently at odds so I can only say: Lululemon pants make your butt look great. Not just yours, mine too. Everyone’s. Some styles are reversible so it’s like getting 2 pants in 1. And the moisture-wicking fabric makes hot yoga classes a happier place. Ok, now you can make up your own mind over whether or not it’s worth it to drop bank on this stuff. You can continue to practice in a tweety bird t-shirt and your husband’s sweatpants that shrunk in the dryer. I still do that too. It’s a yoga mat, not a runway. But did I mention that Lulu will hem your pants for free? And that they sell lots of stuff suitable to athletics of all kinds, for men and women?

The Toronto-based company just opened a great big location in downtown Boston. And I (along with some other friends from South Boston Yoga) helped kick off their opening weekend with some window yoga. It was pretty fun, although the space was tight and I banged into the glass more than once. Also caught quite a bit of attention from shoppers passing by…the comments were pretty interesting to listen to: The excited “Whoa, cool!”, the bitter “Now that’s not yoga, that’s just showing off” and the interested “I could probably do that.” For me, it was just pretty hilarious to try and keep focused with people’s noses pressed up to the glass.