Love to go, hate to unpack, and $500 for you!

October 20, 2009


There must be two kinds of people in the world – those who get home from a trip and immediately unpack their suitcase, and those who sort of half live out of the suitcase until it’s empty, leave it out to trip over for another week and finally go ahead and stick it back in the closet after stubbing their toe on its wheel one too many times.

I’m in the latter category. (And yes, that’s my white noise machine in the suitcase. I sleep like a baby with that thing!)

This past weekend was my first Immersion Conference with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York City. It’s really an awesome deal – after you pay to attend the school, you can apply for a free second year. And you can do that second year any time, not necessarily right after you graduate from the main program. I’m so happy I was accepted! It’s a bit of an honor, really, because as Immersionists we act as mentors to the incoming class. It’s nice to feel trusted with that responsibility.

Clearly, IIN doesn’t know about how poorly I manage suitcase unpacking or else they may not have picked me. (hehe)

Anyway, this past weekend all 300-some Immersionists gathered in New York and it was a really welcome, inspirational weekend. *Happy sigh*

While we were there we ate some yummy dinners, of course. Candle Cafe was new to me and I really loved it. What an extensive menu! If you ever thought vegans had few options, check out this place. I had a southern inspired dish of layered millet, black beans and sweet potatoes over steamed greens, served with gravy. Ate. Every. Bite.


My friend Laura had a tofu entree – I forget exactly what was in there but the tofu was crusted with sesame seeds and it came with kim chee.


Now that we’re back home, I can’t wait to start working with the incoming students from this year’s IIN class. This is the very first year that there are in-person classes in New York AND distance learning classes happening worldwide. The internet is pure magic, I tell you. Now more people can access the awesome experience of IIN without having to travel to New York. (I mean, people do it. I met a girl from Japan who came to New York specifically for IIN. Whoa, right?)

If you love food and nutrition and can’t get enough of learning about this stuff, you may want to check out IIN. Especially if you feel a career change coming on. Especially if you find yourself always giving nutrition advice to friends anyway. Here’s a post I wrote about my experience. And I am always, always happy to chat over email or phone if you have questions. Sometimes it’s nice to hear from a “real” person’s perspective. And, here’s a pretty cool thing – they gave us a special offer to extend to…well, YOU. Enroll by 11/16/09 and save $500 off tuition!

Sweet. Email me!

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