Building a Baby Ready Body

September 10, 2010

Building a Baby Ready Body Program

Update: Registration is closed but if you’d like to purchase our informative Building a Baby Ready Body eBook to learn on your own, you can!

When I was thinking about getting pregnant, my doctor mumbled something about folic acid, gave me a prescription for generic prenatal vitamins and sent me on my way.

Is that really all there is to it? What about someone getting off birth control? What about preparing for the ups and downs of trying to conceive? And isn’t folic acid available in real food, not just a pill?

Considering how many babies are born each year, it’s incredible to me how little information we get about our fertility cycles, the health of our bodies, and how to best care for ourselves as mothers-to-be.

Here’s what I learned: it’s not rocket science. In fact, some of the best ways to understand your body and properly prepare yourself to conceive have been around for centuries. But we typically don’t learn about them in health class or from our doctor. Why is that?

Upon hearing I was pregnant, many of you exclaimed, “What a lucky baby to have such a healthy mom!” Aw, shucks.

Well, wouldn’t you like to be just as healthy upon conceiving your baby too? Whether you’re considering your first pregnancy – or your third, or fourth, or fifth – this is the program for you.

During this 6-week course you’ll:
– See how a healthy lifestyle influences your fertility
– Learn what foods to include in your pre-conception diet (even if you don’t eat meat)
– Generate a holistic approach to wellbeing
– Receive an e-book with handouts, recipes,and meal plans
– Benefit from the support of a group via phone and online forum

From previous clients:
It was quite evident that Michelle loves what she does as a health counselor by her non-stop enthusiasm and positive outlook. She truly cares about her clients and puts a lot thought and creativity, not to mention, effort in everything she does. I feel more confident in my food choices, and I am armed with a better understanding and useful tools to meet my health and life goals. Thank you Michelle for all that you do. You’re the Best! – J.P.

Working with Michelle has helped bring together many aspects of my life–food, exercise, work, relationships–and remind me how they all connect. I’ve learned some new tools for healthy living and had old ones reinforced. Slowly but surely I am integrating new healthy habits into my daily life. All with strong support and guidance! -S.G.

Here’s how it works:
– It all starts with a live conference call on Wed 10/27 from 12:15-1:15pm ET. (Can’t make it? Signed up after 10/27? No worries, a recorded mp3 will be available.)

– After that, you will receive a mp3 class on a different topic each week for 5 weeks. Keep the mp3s and listen again anytime! You’ll also have 24/7 access to discussions and support via an online forum.

– Everyone will also get an incredibly useful e-book with information, tools, recipes and meal plans.

– Sign up by 9/30 for just $179. After that, the regular price is $199.

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This program is a joint effort between myself and my good friend and fellow health coach, Beth Rollison. (Beth actually specializes in women’s pre-pregnancy health so she’s an awesome resource.) If you have questions please email:
Me – michelle@findyourbalancehealth
Beth –