A healthy breakfast giveaway

October 21, 2010

Uncle Sam's cereal with peanut butter

Clearly I’m on some kind of a breakfast kick lately. Which is odd because I’m really picky about breakfasts. For awhile, all I ate was porridge made from quinoa or millet or teff – all of which make a fantastic meal – but we need variety, right? Read on for one of my cereal picks and a chance to win your own box.

Heck yeah, free breakfast doesn’t have to mean doughnuts!

I often mention Uncle Sam’s cereal as one of the few brands of boxed cereal I ever buy. Have you tried it? I like it because whole wheat kernels are the first ingredient, followed by flaxseed, salt, barley malt, and a handful of B vitamins.

Barley malt? Yeah, that’s a form of sugar, which surprised me. I would have sworn to you there was no form of sugar in this cereal so I’m wondering if they’ve changed the recipe from when I first bought it. Note to self: read labels even on stuff you buy all the time!

But it’s ok. Barley malt is not like white sugar or corn syrup. It’s made from slow cooked grains and has very complex sugars. That means they get broken down slowly in your body and won’t cause a sugar high or crash. Plus, it’s the 4th ingredient in a list of 7 things. This cereal is definitely not sweet (that’s a good thing.)

One of my favorite ways to dress up whole grains for breakfast is with peanut butter. It gives a gorgeous flavor and boost of protein, and tastes yummy with apples or bananas. Fruit is pretty key when you’re not dumping white sugar all over your breakfast! But I also eat Uncle Sam’s plain. That’s just me.

Uncle Sam's cereal with plums

Now, the question is: What do you pour over your cereal?

If you asked me that a couple of years ago, I’d have said “soymilk” without hesitation. But then I realized that soymilk is often made from genetically modified soybeans and is full of sugar. Yes, it’s true. Read the label and always choose organic and unsweetened to avoid these things. The other odd thingy about soy is the high levels of plant hormones that can interfere with your body’s delicate balance. This is important to consider if you have any hormonal related issues like PCOS or if you are thinking of getting pregnant sometime in the next few years.

So, ok, how about regular milk? I advocate trying a dairy-free diet if you have digestive trouble or excess mucus problems like I used to. Milk can aggravate both. But, whole milk is a good source of vitamins and calcium and healthy fats. (Naturally occurring fats – you get my drift? Fat from cow’s milk is about as natural as it gets.) It’s also worth buying organic here, as conventionally produced milk can pass on the excess antibiotics and growth hormones given to the milking cows. I gotta tell you, although I’ve avoided milk for years, I’ve craved it like crazy throughout my pregnancy.

Uncle Sam's cereal

Of course there’s also almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk, banana milk – but heck, this post is about cereal, not milk.

So let’s get on with the giveaway!

One winner (US only, sorry!) will receive a free box of Uncle Sam’s Cereal. By leaving a comment on this post you will automatically be entered to win. You can also earn 1 extra entry for doing each of the following and leaving a separate comment letting me know that you did:

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Contest ends November 21, 2010 and I will announce the winner soon after!

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