Group Detox for Spring ’11

March 26, 2011

After many emails and Facebook messages asking “When’s the next detox?” I’m happy to announce we’re going to do another fantastic 21 days together this spring! Woohoo! Interested? Keep reading.

Feeling tired? Sluggish? Stuck in a rut? When you change your food, your life automatically changes with it. It has to – your food literally becomes the tissues of your body and brain. Are you ready to walk into spring feeling confident, energized and focused?

It all starts now! Spring detox dates are April 30th – May 21st. (Just reading this now? You can still sign up! Registration open through 5/6/11.)

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What can I expect?
We will gently clean our bodies and minds from the inside out using real, whole, delicious food and simple lifestyle suggestions. This is definitely not about fasting or spending a lot of money on herbs. Within the first week or two, you will notice positive changes in your body, energy levels, moods and mental clarity. Emphasis will be placed on nourishing, detoxifying whole foods. We’ll shift away from foods that are typically difficult to digest, allergenic or addictive. You can follow my meal plans exactly, or just use the detox guidelines to create your own awesome meals. By the end of 21 days, you will have generated momentum to continue living in a clean body!

What kind of food is allowed?
Don’t worry. You’ll have a huge range of “normal” foods to choose from. You know, stuff like: rice, hummus, peanut butter, fruit, beans and lentils, nuts, vegetables, olive oil, eggs…these are just examples but you get the idea. Real food. Nothing crazy. You can do this!

From past participants:
I’m on medication to bring down my blood pressure since diet and exercise didn’t seem to be doing anything previously. I took my BP this morning for the first time on the Detox, and it’s the lowest I have ever seen it – a very healthy reading. I guess I wasn’t expecting this to make such a big, positive difference in my life. -P.B.

My recent labwork showed borderline diabetes (an A1c of 6.8). My doctor suggested diet and exercise… Both my husband I had great success with your detox and we each lost over 10 pounds. I went back for labwork a few months later and my A1c went down to 6.2. – P.S

I’ve always tried to eat healthy – or what I thought was healthy…I have a big sweet tooth but after this program, I am now completely free from my refined sugar addiction. I drank coffee since I was fourteen and am now completely off of it. I realized that I have a tremendous amount of natural energy on my own without stimulants, which is an amazing feeling. – K.A.

I learned that stress management and eating MUST be related somehow. When I’m eating well, I just seem to handle little stresses better. Thanks again Michelle. I’ll definitely do this again. -J.B.

It’s amazing what the right food can do for your body. Get ready to:
– Reboot your body and mind by introducing healthy, detoxifying foods
– Feel noticeably more energetic as your digestive system works more effectively
– Relieve stress and generate positivity
– Feel calm, centered and focused
– Generate momentum to continue living in a clean body

All participants will receive:
– 21 Day Detox Manual PDF
– Frequently Asked Questions PDF
– Three MP3 recordings (about 30 min. each)
– Daily online support from Michelle and the whole group of detoxers
– Tools for healthy shopping/meal planning and daily check-in sheets
– Bonus! Reinvent Yourself Detox Recipes eBook with 50+ delicious recipes ($20 value)

Ok, cool! How does it work?
We kick off on April 30th! Don’t worry, this is meant to fit into a busy schedule. You’ll listen to the provided MP3 recordings and read PDF instructions at the beginning of each week and can participate in our online forum as much as you want. I’ll be hanging out there to provide encouragement and support for all of you.

This gentle, sensible program is appropriate for most people, including those who are gluten-free, diabetic, or vegetarian/vegan. Not recommended during pregnancy. If you are nursing, let me know and I will give you specific instructions.

Repeat detoxers are welcome! Email me and say “I wanna do it again!” I’ll hook you up for just $99.

The Reinvent Yourself 21 Day Detox is my most successful program ever, and this is your chance to do it as part of a fully supported group for just $199. Join us by clicking on the button below! Sign up by April 10th for just $149.

A link to download your program package (41.9 MB) will be emailed automatically to whatever email address you sign up with. You will need a high speed connection for this hefty download and should be comfortable unzipping a ZIP file and using PDFs and MP3s. Please verify that you can open and use these types of files on your computer.

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