Taking Good Care of Business Teleseminar

January 2, 2012

Mamacoach Circle's January Call: Taking Good Care of Business

Taking Good Care of Business Teleseminar

Date: January 19, 2012
Time: 8:30pm ET
Location: Wherever you are!
Cost: Free for Mamacoach Circle members, $15 for non-members
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Working with other women in the holistic health world, I notice one thing again and again:

We aren’t exactly awesome with money.

I mean, if money was really important to us we’d probably have become doctors or lawyers. Or accountants. But instead we went after work that truly fills our soul and perhaps leaves our wallets a bit dry. Our salary doesn’t come in a nice, tidy package from a single employer.

When money talk comes up…oh my. I know how you feel. The financial responsibilities of running an entrepreneurial business are a little overwhelming.

How much do I owe to taxes? Can I write off my yoga mat as a business expense? Am I saving at all for my kids…or for retirement? Am I even making any money with this career? Are my rates too low? Too high?

Hannah and I realized that money is a hot topic in our Mamacoach Circle. So we are bringing you a very special guest to help us out:

Meet Christyna

She’s a financial coach from BEE Ventures who has spent 10 years facilitating the economic sustainability of “big dream” businesses. She teaches entrepreneurs how to succeed responsibly, steadily and for the benefit of their communities and employees.

This call will be a deep sigh of relief for the fear that creeps in this time of year.

You’ll get:
– Ideas for organizing the money you have
– How to think about the money you don’t have (yet!)
– A new perspective on the green stuff
– A heads up on the most important info for small business owners
– Plus, Hannah & Michelle’s take on money management

And please bring your questions!

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