Get back on track after a big life change

April 9, 2012

I remember when my son was so tiny, I’d nurse him in one arm while typing with the other. Now his legs flop over mine, his free arm plays with my hair, and he takes occasional breaks to clap his hands. Then he’s off and running again. As he eats more food, we nurse less. I hear that eventually some babies lose interest in nursing…we’ll see how that goes!

Anyway, I’m noticing how many interesting habits I’ve picked up through this whole pregnancy/breastfeeding thing. I’m assuming a big life change throws off anyone’s game, right? Time to bring back some mindfulness. For me it’s this:

Meat overload
Oh, the pregnancy cravings I had for steak! I didn’t have much choice in the matter – my pregnant body demanded meat. And with good reason – there are lots of nutrients and protein in meat that a baby makes good use of. And for a nursing mom who is always hungry, meat satisfies like no other. However…I used to eat mostly vegetarian and felt my best that way. All this meat is starting to weigh me down.

Blind eye to sugar
I promised myself I’d be gentle and let go of dietary ideals while pregnant. And I did. Some ice cream? Ok. Some cookies? Sure. Everything in moderation. But then my son was 2 weeks overdue and I spent those last few days eating triple chocolate cookies slathered in peanut butter. He was born and I cultivated an addiction to Joe Joe’s. Been getting a handle on it since then, but my goodness do I need to kick sugar in the pants!

Daring to eat dairy
I was happy to satisfy cravings for greek yogurt throughout my pregnancy. And cheese. And milk by the glassful. It’s cool during pregnancy. And raw milk is good stuff when I get my hands on it. But truth be told, these days I do not need milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream in my daily diet! I’m quite convinced that my rekindled relationship to milk has brought back my springtime allergies. Time to rethink the white stuff.

Just plain too much
When I was nursing around the clock it made sense to eat and eat and eat. Now, it’s not so much the caloric need that fills my plate – it’s habit. Not looking for strict portion control or calorie counting here, but rather a renewed mindfulness of what I’m shoveling in. Oy.

Eating is easier than cleaning
Oh, Danny doesn’t want the last of his banana? I’ll eat it. He insists on sharing his crackers with me? Ok. These scraps add up, and it’s just another example of not being mindful of what I’m actually consuming.

So there you have it. This whole mommy thing can throw off the healthiest eaters. Are you with me? Join the fun later this month as we bring a whole lotta mindfulness to our plates and kick old habits to the curb. My 21 Day Detox is safe and gentle, and this year I have special support if you happen to be a nursing mom like me. Act quick – the early bird price has only 1 day left.

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