This summer, Mamacoach Circle goes Bootcamp. And it’s free!

May 24, 2012

If you’re ready to kick your holistic health business up a notch, join us for a summer to remember.

(And no you don’t have to be a mama!)
Dates: July-September 2012
Cost: $1000 Free

We’ve been there!

We know what’s it’s like to be stuck between running a business, nurturing a family, doing work that feels draining and getting frustrated with marketing efforts that fall flat. What’s up with that? What ever happened to doing work you love and manifesting magnificent income?

Last summer, Mamacoach Bootcamp rocked the worlds of some very special ladies and their businesses.

We helped each member create a brand new unique program and income stream – something to move their business from stuck to growing, from feeling not-quite-right to feeling awesome. The success of that group launched Mamacoach Circle, which has become our most beautiful group of ongoing support.

Last year? Our women invested $1000 to move their business forward with Bootcamp.

This year, Hannah and I have decided to celebrate summer by offering Bootcamp to everyone, for FREE!

Free? Yup. Because it felt icky to do it any other way! And we always believe in following our gut. This way, everyone can be involved – not just a select few. After all, the mission of Mamacoach Circle has always been about creating a supportive, inclusive, positive, encouraging group of womenpreneurs.

So, all members of Mamacoach Circle are going to have free access to a summer’s worth of business building exercises, guidance and support.



The goal? To launch a new product or program in the Fall of 2012.

After all, most of us experience a slowdown of business during the summer and feel the tug of our family and friends’ needs. Why not spend those months manifesting something new and magnificent instead of complaining and stressing out?

This summer, Mamacoach Circle will include:

Bootcamp warm-up exercises
All Circle members will get started with simple, helpful, exploratory exercises. Tuck these pages into a notebook that you can pull out in those surprise moments of stroller naps, unexpected waiting room time, or extra quiet. Start your dreaming in the summer and watch it manifest in the fall after our not-so-basic training.

Live monthly group calls
Topics will include envisioning your new product or program, re-prioritizing your time around your family and life needs, creating systems that will ease you out of guilt, developing an effective marketing plan, using appropriate technologies and launching your brand new income stream.

24/7 support via online forum
As always, Mamacoach Circle is a group of holistic business owners offering their stories and support; this is your own mastermind group. Talk out ideas, share frustrations, offer your guidance and create some magic. The more real you get, the more amazing your results. We can talk husbands, kids, time and guilt, while working on moving through marketing fears, failures and strategies – it’s all connected and nothing is off limits. Michelle and Hannah will be there to challenge you to push right past your fears and doubts.

Special 3 month coaching package
Our Circle members always get discounted Mamacoaching, but this summer we’ll be offering 3 months for the price of 2. Perfect for upping your game and getting fully prepared for Fall.

Remember, only Mamacoach Circle members have access to our free Bootcamp this summer!

More information about Mamacoach Circle can be found here. Please allow 48 hours to receive your welcome email and invitation to join the online forum. It’s comin’, we promise!

Now is an excellent time to join Mamacoach Circle, with so much excitement building. We are looking forward to having you!

Join Mamacoach Circle by July 1, 2012 to get the most out of our free Bootcamp Summer!

Or join us anytime that feels right for you. Please allow 48 hours to receive your welcome email and invitation to join the online forum. It’s comin’, we promise! More info on Mamacoach Circle is here.