Turn Your Business Around With 1 Simple Step Teleseminar

May 3, 2012

Turn Your Business Around With 1 Simple Step

Teleseminar for holistic-minded women entrepreneurs
Date: May 24, 2012
Time: 8:30pm ET
Location: Wherever you are!
Cost: Free
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Throughout our school years we all followed a set path, K-12. Even in higher education the courses were mapped out for us, the assignments the same each year. Maybe we went on to get a job with a fixed salary, certain schedule, a boss who told us what to do.

You and I? We wanted more. We wanted to follow our passion, to do work we love. And here we are! Womenpreneurs, mompreneurs, a little scared but mostly excited to hold the reins!

But the truth is, we often get overwhelmed running our own business. We look to others to see how they do it. We seek out formulas and rules to follow. But there are no rules to follow, there is no boss to tell us how its done.

If you know you could be making more money, feeling more fulfilled and making a real difference in the world – it’s time to turn things around.

And you can. In 1 simple step.

Join us for this call and you’ll learn:

– How to create a renewed sense of ownership and confidence in your biz
– The single most important thing you can do as an entrepreneur
– The mistakes you don’t want to make
– How to stop fighting for it and let success flow to you

And you will be on your way to building a business that comes from your heart while generating big results. Please bring your questions!

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