C’mon Eat Happy: Virtual program to improve mood & lower stress

July 21, 2012

Dates: Sept 10-20, 2012
Location: Wherever you are
Pssst…early bird price available!

Here’s the scoop:

C’mon Eat Happy is a virtual group program (participate from anywhere, on your time) to help improve your mood and relieve stress. You will receive 10 days of expert coaching, emails, videos, a program manual, a cookbook and positive group support.

Who’s it for?

This program is ideal if you often find yourself overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, annoyed, depressed or just feeling blah. I’m going to teach you how food can balance the chemistry of your body and brain.

It’s ok if you are vegetarian/vegan, pregnant, have food allergies, specific dietary needs or are addicted to chocolate – everyone is welcome to eat happy!

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What does food have to do with happiness?

1 in 10 Americans are on antidepressants and even more take meds for anti-anxiety and other mood disorders.

Whoa! Then there’s practically everyone else who feels pissed off and stressed out entirely too often. Sound familiar? I know. I see you heading into Starbucks right now for a coffee and cookie pick-me-up. And sometimes I am right there with you. Yes, I’ve dealt with my fair share of depression, including PPD with the birth of my son.

But I’ve learned how to change the pattern, change my life, and change the lives of my clients through food that actually – literally – makes us feel happier.

The thing is, food affects not only your body but your brain chemistry and your moods.

There’s actually a very direct connection! And as soon as you tune into it, the messages are undeniably clear. This September I’m going to teach you how to eat for health AND happiness. It’s simple, but it’s nothing like what the food and diet industry has been telling you.

For starters – you can drink wine, eat butter and forget about calorie counting.

Yup. Because healthy, happy eating does not have to come saddled with strict rules and deprivation. Augh. No way! I like dessert waaaaay too much. This is about feeling good in your body, mind and spirit.

You can expect

To feel awesome. Think abundance, not deprivation. It’s about eating food that nourishes and balances your body and brain. It’s about real food that doesn’t cost a fortune – and savoring things like sweets, butter and wine!

To get wicked smart. You will receive a new video mini-lesson on the food-mood connection each day. You’ll learn about mood-regulating foods and get recipes, ideas and suggestions to try at your convenience.

Expert coaching I want you to make decisions that are best for you and your health. This is all about support and trying new things. You won’t feel pressured to make extreme changes or follow strict rules because…well, that wouldn’t feel very happy, now would it?

To have some fun! So here’s the best part…group support will be available 24/7 on our private Facebook group. This is where all the best stuff happens, people! Connect, share recipes and stories, and hear what others are up to. Guaranteed positivity and support awaits.

How do I sign up?

1. Sign up with the Register Now button below.

2. You will get a confirmation email and invitation to join our private Facebook group (optional).

3. You will be sent a kick-off email on September 9th with a link to download your manual and cookbook (pdf files). C’mon Eat Happy begins on September 10th!

Important note: All emails about the program will go automatically to your Paypal email address. If you’d prefer to use a different address, just send a lil’ note to michelle@findyourbalancehealth.com

Early bird price is $69 until August 15th.
After that, regular price is $89.

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Some FAQs:

I already know how to eat healthy. Is this program for me? Even if you are already eating lots of real food, you’ll love my tricks for keeping on a budget and making cooking easy. Plus you’ll gain motivation and a better understanding of how food affects your happiness.

I’m so busy, will I have time to keep up? Do what you can, sista! The emails, manual, cookbook – everything is yours to keep forever. You can skim now and refer back later. Or you can pick and choose what topics to pay the most attention to. It’s up to you!

I hate cooking. Are you going to make me cook? Hey, I’d love to get you cooking but if it’s not for you that’s ok! You can still benefit hugely from understanding the food-mood connection and knowing what to order for dinner.

Yeah, right. Food isn’t enough to lift me out of depression or anxiety. Is it? You’d be surprised. And while food may not solve the whole issue, it is very likely to improve your situation. You know what I love about food-based and natural remedies? They can easily be used alongside medicine and other treatments. Hey, you gotta eat. Might as well eat happy, right?

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