Evolution, patience, and holding steady

September 27, 2012

At one time, the story was so clear and simple. I was leaving the corporate world and the standard American diet behind. I was reinventing myself, at every level. Health issues – gone! Emotional ups and downs – evened out! Amazing stuff. Bam. One day I left that office building and never looked back.

It was a story that resonated with so many people. Especially when they saw me in the documentary “Lemonade”. The idea of creating positive change is a powerful one.

It’s almost five years later and I’m here to tell you – this is where the real work gets done. Not in those first few exhilarating days after quitting a job. Not in the thrill of starting something new. You know what I mean? Those first weeks of a marriage, or the first 5 lbs. you lose? That’s fluffy, feel-good stuff. The real work comes later.

The real work is now.

Now I look at this business I’ve built and have to decide where it’s going. Am I going to continue talking about eating kale for another year? Maybe. Or is there something else I’m meant to do in this work?

I look at my marriage with immense gratitude that we’ve sewn back together the fallen parts through our tumultuous first year as parents.

I look in the refrigerator and though I coach women every day in feeding their families well, we have nothing for dinner. Oops. Hmmm. I’ll come up with something. A stocked pantry has never let me down.

Other health coaches hire me to help them with their businesses. Did you know that? So I do more business coaching, less health coaching. I like it.

My son starts to talk, he goes to preschool 2 days a week, but we still nurse in the mornings and I have no idea how long that will last and I’m in no hurry.

Motherhood is feeling good, after a very rough start. Working through my anxiety, learning to accept a love that is bigger than the sun.

I set up a retirement savings account. And like, expect a ticker tape parade of congratulations.

Things evolve. And unlike the reinvention of 5 years ago, evolution is slower, takes patience. In this next phase, my story isn’t about starting over. It’s about starting again and again and again. Every day. The work that maintains and holds us steady.