Free Gift! My Practical Guide To Making a Career Change

February 5, 2013

A few years ago I started getting all sorts of emails from people who wanted to change careers. Not surprisingly, a lot of these folks had seen me in Lemonade – a documentary about getting laid off from the advertising industry and starting my own business in the holistic health world.

career change

Others emailed me because they were interested in becoming a health coach and were curious how I did it, what school I went to, how I made a living and how I bucked the corporate world for an entrepreneurial career. By the way, if you are interested at all in becoming a health coach or attending IIN I encourage you to listen to the free download I made for you here.

The funny thing is, over the years these emails have not stopped. You guys keep ’em coming!

So today I’m offering a free mini audio class addressing the very real ups and downs and how-tos of career change. We’re talking 25 minutes here, people. Listen instantly right here, or download and put it on your iPod for later while you’re driving home from work.

I hope it will serve as inspiration – but more than that, as a practical guide to move you closer to a life of health and happiness. Because good health is about a whole lot more than eating broccoli.

Sorry, this gift is no longer available.

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