Winning at Kitchen (March 2013): 4 weeks of practical meal plans and more

February 8, 2013

winning at kitchen

Back by popular demand, we’re continuing to kick dinner’s butt!

Start date: March 4, 2013
Location: Wherever you are!
Early Bird price available through 2/18. Enter code EARLYBIRD at checkout.
Registration open until 3/20/13. Latecomers will have access to previous weeks’ meal plans to use another time.

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This February, nearly 100 of you came together to unlearn the dance. You know the one I’m talking about? The one where you find yourself feeling crazy and stressed, spending too much money on prepared food, losing food in the back of the fridge, and compromising on quality just to get something – anything – on the table? Maybe a little hair pulling right before you pirouette into the delivery guy?

Listen up. There IS a way to avoid the dance, to actually eat food that nourishes you, and save money at the same time. When I remember (and trust me, I don’t always remember) I have a planning system that keeps dinnertime a happy time. In fact, my system worked so well with our February group, I’ve decided we must do it again in March.

In case you’re wondering, Winning at Kitchen means kicking butt and taking names in the kitchen, eating real food and having space to breathe.

What is it?

4 weeks of real food, no-fuss weeknight dinner meal plans . Recipes are dairy and gluten-free or easily modified. Some vegetarian meals, some with meat. You’ll get done-for-you, printable grocery shopping lists and make-life-easier prep instructions.

And you’ll have access 24/7 to my online forum for extra help, ingredient substitution ideas, recipe exchanges, kid-friendly ideas and more. In other words – if you don’t want to make something I’ve suggested, we’ll help you come up with an alternative. Totally flexible. That sort of support is something you don’t get with other downloadable meal plans out there!

What kind of meals will we eat?

Normal, good, tasty food. This isn’t about being vegan or anything extreme. Last month we ate salmon. Homemade Chinese takeout. Vegetarian chili with guacamole. A little quinoa deliciousness. Good stuff, made even better, Michelle-style, with nutrient dense ingredients. You’ll like it.


Who’s it for?

You’d like to cook but you run out of steam. You want to feed yourself and your family good food, but you don’t know where to start. This year, you’re committed to putting real food on the table and together we’ll make it easy and fun! The meal plans are created to serve 4, but larger families can easily double the recipes and smaller households can cut the measurements in half – or freeze leftovers!

You’ll finally feel focused, organized and efficient in the kitchen…not to mention strong and healthy in your body.

Save time and money
You won’t have to hunt for recipes or remember to make lists. You also won’t rely on expensive takeout or prepared meals, or waste money on complicated recipes. I’ll have it all spelled out for you in the most efficient way possible. 1-2-3. Plug and play.

Keep it simple and practical
This isn’t about eating goji berries and salba seeds. Seriously. These 4 weeks will have good, normal, real food that you can find at any standard grocery store. There may be a few items you’ll want to get at Whole Foods or a natural food store, but it won’t be essential.

Get some pep in your step
Eating real food will give you energy, but seeing yourself and your family sit down to hot meals will fuel you like nothing else. Plus, a plan creates a rhythm, which creates peace and frees up your energy. Big time.

Do what works for you
I expect you to be busy – and it’s ok! Traveling, celebrating birthdays, whatever. Do what you can this month. The meal plans and recipes can be used and reused anytime you want.

you will get

How do I sign up?

1. Sign up with the Register Now button below.
2. You will get instant access to our Week 1 meal plan.
Important note: All emails about the program will go automatically to your Paypal email address. If you’d prefer to use a different address, just send a lil’ note to

Early bird price is $20 through February 18th (enter code EARLYBIRD at checkout). After that, regular price is $27.

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