Get My Free Trello Board for Meal Planning & Weight Loss

September 13, 2016

Trello is my secret weapon. Seriously. It’s a free online tool that I use to organize…just about everything. My new Meal Planning Template is designed to help you meal plan, stay on track with your diet and save time at the grocery store.

It looks like this, loaded with meal ideas, but it’s totally customizable:


Hold up. How does this help you lose weight?

Well, let me be blunt.

We are most likely to eat the food that is available. And that usually puts us at the mercy of Starbucks, or the conference room sandwich tray.

But if we want to lose weight, or meals need to be full of fresh, nutrient-dense food. You can read more about that here.

If you’re a busy woman, you know that the only way to tackle important projects is to PLAN.

My free Meal Planning Trello board:

– Includes a quick training video
– Gives you a plan of action for the week
– Keeps track of meals you love or want to try in the future
– Gives you a mobile-friendly grocery list to get shopping done quickly
– Comes loaded with healthy, nutrient-dense meal ideas to get you started


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