Frequently Asked Questions About My Berkey (and a Royal Berkey giveaway!)

December 13, 2016

Way, way back in 2011 I started wondering if there was something gross going on with my water. Turns out…yes. I was drinking a cocktail of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, lead and more.

Berkey Water Filter Frequently Asked QuestionsAll at “safe” levels. Right? Riiiiiiight.

It smelled and tasted awful. Read more about how I decided to get a filter and why I chose Berkey right here.

Well, it’s been several years and many of my readers and clients have since hopped on the Berkey wagon.

But first, they had questions. Maybe you do too. So today I’m going to answer some of the top questions I get about my beloved Berkey and help you decide if it’s the right solution for your household.

This is the official Berkey website, by the way. You can order by December 22nd and get a Berkey by Christmas!

And, hello…you can also enter to win your own Royal Berkey ($283 value) at the bottom of this post. Yippee!

What size Berkey should I get?

I have a Big Berkey, which is fine for my family of two adults and two small kids. However, I notice when we’re all home at the same time I run out of water and kind of wish I had the bigger size (the Royal). Keep in mind that whatever size you get, you will need space for it in your kitchen.

Which leads us to the next question.

Where do you keep your Berkey?

The Berkey requires no plumbing – awesome if you are renting or don’t want to deal with plumbers. I keep mine right next to the sink, on the counter. You need to pour water from the sink into the top of the Berkey so it’s best to have it nearby. I refill it once or twice per day.

How long do filters last?

Forever? I don’t know but I still have my original filters. When they get clogged you can scrub them and they start working again so there’s no need to replace until they’re REALLY old.

Couldn’t I just use a Brita?

A Brita (or comparable filters sold at Bed Bath & Beyond or wherever) don’t even come close to the filtration power of a Berkey. You can get more details comparing Berkey to the Brita and Pur water filters on the Berkey website.

Do you have to add mineral drops to the water?

Nope. Reverse osmosis filters are good filters. However, with those you must add mineral drops to restore your water. The Berkey does not remove beneficial minerals from your water, so no drops are required. Perfect! I’m lazy like that.

Do you recommend any accessories?

I would recommend having 4 filters instead of 2, for speed. There is also a see-through, glass spigot that makes it easy to see the water level inside. I wish I had one of those.

Now it’s your turn to enter to win your very own Royal Berkey. Please note that the winner must provide a US shipping address in a state other than California or Iowa.

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Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase after clicking an affiliate link, I will earn a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. I only act as an affiliate for a handful of brands I love and personally use. Berkey is one of them.

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