Butcher Box Review & Giveaway ($150 value)

November 8, 2017

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I used to live in an area where I could access amazing, biodynamically farmed animal products. But once we moved to the boonies…it became really difficult. I found myself staring at the meager organic options at the local grocery store, unsure of the quality. So I jumped at the chance to mail order grass-fed beef, free range organic chicken and heritage bred pork – and am now happily sharing my Butcher Box review.

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Now read on to hear about how this whole meat-delivery process works and enter to win your own ButcherBox ($129 value) + Free Ribeyes (2x10oz) + Free Bacon (10oz).

(The idea of “meat delivery” just made me laugh. There was a time in my life when I knew the Dominoes PIZZA delivery number by heart. Ha! Now it’s all about getting real food into my house and on the table.)

When you order your box online, you get to choose between beef, chicken, pork or a mix of all 3. It can be a surprise mix or there is an option to choose exactly which cuts of meat go in your box. Mine was a surprise because…well, who couldn’t use a happy surprise in life?

You also get to choose your delivery week and will get an email confirming the shipping so you knew when to expect it. The box comes with enough dry ice to keep your frozen meat nice and cold. Just make sure to open that sucker up promptly!

Inside my Butcher Box I found:
– 4 6-oz. top sirloin steaks (grass-fed)
– 2 lbs. boneless pork chops (heritage bred)
– 2 lbs. ground beef (grass-fed)
– 2 10-oz. strip steaks (grass-fed)
– 3.2 lbs. split chicken breasts (free range, organic)

I can usually find some grass-fed ground beef at my grocery store. But I definitely can’t find steaks or good pork chops. So this was a welcome new array of ingredients in my house. It was kind of exciting to suddenly have to look up steak recipes!

So here’s the deal.

If you live close to an amazing farm with sustainable farming practices – by all means, support that farm.

But if you’re like me, Butcher Box is a super convenient option. And honestly, the packaging wasn’t over the top. Just a recyclable cushion, recyclable box and an insulated, zipper bag to keep and reuse.

I like the idea of having a shipment arrive monthly. Because who has time to stand around in the grocery store?

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