Healthy View Radio Episode 49: 8 Keys to a Responsible Life with Lillian McDermott

September 12, 2018

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How do you take responsibility in your life? On today’s show, we explore all the ways we have power over our life and our choices. Certified life coach and host of her own radio show, When You Need a Friend, Lillian McDermott shares her wisdom on creating 100% responsibility for everything you, including the food that we eat, as well as how our beliefs factor into our decisions.

Health and wellness experts Erin and Jeremy Quinn also join us from their home on Daufuskie Island to talk about having a positive mindset and staying empowered in the face of chronic diseases. The couple work with sufferers of Parkinson’s Disease to find a better quality of life through exercise, diet, meditation, and more.

Watch the backstage Facebook livestream (Volume button on the bottom right of video):

In this episode:

Lillian McDermott –

Erin & Jeremy Quinn –

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