No Bake Cocoa Candy Cane Balls

They’re easy and real food. They won’t go apeshit on your blood sugar but they’ll satisfy a sweet tooth. They’re vegan. And gluten-free. Eat ’em for breakfast!


Keep it simple: Sweet Potato, Beans & Apples Recipe

I’ve been reminding and reminding my clients to take time for themselves over the holidays. To not overdo it. To step away from work. To keep it simple. There’s a saying, “We teach what we need to learn.” It’s so unbelievably true. In honor of my own restful holidays, this post has been magically pre-programmed […]


Best quick dinner & tip for Christmas tree babyproofing

Meals like this are sometimes called “Garbage Plates” or “Garbage Salads.” It makes me cringe though – I just can’t call organic veggies and grass-fed steak “garbage.” Maybe a Kitchen Sink Salad? Even that sounds like it should go down the disposal. Nah, let’s just call this an un-recipe. A formula for making the most […]